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Are you searching for a wide-format sublimation printer that can transfer dye over any plastic, fabric or other material? Previously you were dealing with some traditional printers but tired of them due to their poor quality and low efficiency.

So, don’t worry latest technology introduced new modern sublimation printers. various format printing machines are available across the internet with the best quality and high productivity. but it’s necessary to find out the best wide-format sublimation printer from the market for printing shops mostly you need dye sublimation printers to print your garments skateboard and sports equipment.

Furthermore, If you don’t have such kind of printer then you don’t satisfy your clients although this thing can affect your business. Moreover, wide-format sublimation printers are usually used for making T-shirts, designs, id cards, photo printing, and printing on other materials such as plastic but choosing the best wide-format printer from the market is a complicated process.

To solve your problem, we take a list of the best wide-format sublimation printer for your studio home and business. Our list is based on research on various products in the market

Moreover, without wastage time let’s have a look at our list

1. EPSON SURE COLOR F9370 printer


Epson sure color f9370 is the most reliable wide-format sublimation printer the reason for selecting at the top of our list is that its size is 64 inches. It’s a dual-precision core TFT print head for excellent quality prints. Moreover, this printer is capable of providing high-resolution prints and you can use it for smaller work at home are business.

Epson sure color F9370 works speed is 1169 Sqft/hour which is ideal for printing work. Ultra chrome DS ink technology that has black high-density ink provides ideal contrast and print. Also, Epson edge workflow software is with auto paper tension control advance feature and is highly accurate.

All trademarks are with high-capacity ink tanks that provide professional quality and appealing décor images. Despite looking for more features on a tight budget, choose Epson sure color F9370 which is ideal for most of the business owners.

Furthermore, its tank capacity is 2000 milliliters of each of the 4 different colors. All features of the Epson F9370 are impressive. When we look at the ink types and replacement and configuration. Ultra chrome DS ink contains black ink, magenta, cyan in, and yellow ink packs.It consumes less energy of 200v and 58 db noise level. Moreover, paper of a maximum of 8 is used for printing with right /left margins of 0.20 in sure color printer.

To clear each and everything of this printer, we gather all the information about it.RAM and 120 HDD along with an internet connection. This printer work over pc having 2GB RAM and 120 HDD along with an internet connection but it works best when operated under windows10 and 8.1 operating system. Moreover, it also can be operated on highly specified featured pc of 3GHz with fast internet.

It works best at a temperature of 59 to 95 F around 45 to 75 % humidity. Let’s talk about its power consumption, it contains 17W power in sleep mode and stands by the condition it the heater consumes 340w energy. Epson F9470 can work without borders on paper material or any other suitable material for printing. This wide-format sublimation printer is best for professional printing.

2. Mimaki TS500P-3200 printer


Mimaki TS500P-3200 is the most commonly used wide-format sublimation printer for textile printing such as carpets .home furniture and hospitality fabrics. For business purposes, people mostly use this Mimaki printer for printing on a large scale. Mimaki TS500P-3200 has excellent work speed with a printing speed of almost 1,937 square feet per hour. Yeah, it’s excellent for your high productivity.

You can multiple colors prints with high accuracy because of Mimaki TS500P due to its color configuration of  2,4, and 8.RIP RasterLink6 with TxLink3 textile RIP software present in Mimaki TS 500 provides brilliant performance for color separation. As you know, folding and wrinkles in fabric produce unclear prints on the garments. To overcome this problem Mimaki contains its auto tension bar which it uses to stretch fabrics.

Mimaki TS500p transfer print with extra-large width of 129.9 inches that is beyond our expectations. It contains four independent heaters that prevent media cockling. Moreover, for a stable media feed, it has for auto media feeder too.

Moreover, if we talk about in system, based on the external ink system, it contains When we talk about inks for dye sublimation, based on the external ink feeding system, it contains 4 – 6 color inks configuration with 2 liters of ink bottles for each color. Furthermore, it has a Uniform Ink Supply System which is also a nozzle failure-free system.

You can also print soft signage, flag banners, and a lot more with sublimation blue ink .magenta black yellow, light blue, and light magenta. Mimaki TS500P works best with a power supply of 240v and its suitable operational environment for proper functioning is between 68 to 85 degrees centigrade, it also has connectivity options e.g. USB ports and Ethernet.

3. Mutoh RJ-900X printer:

Mutoh RJ-900X wide-format sublimation printer is ideal for printing Posters, flags, Banners, and decals. This is a fantastic device that can produce 4 to 6 prints /per minute. It is a wide format dye sublimation printing device that produces exceptional quality prints due to having a TexAJet sublimation ink, which is a combination of attractive colors.

Mutoh 44 Rj-900 is an ideal machine and the best choice of people engaged with dye sublimation production. Most of the dye sublimation companies use it today. It’s the latest feature to control paper handling capabilities is a big advancement. Furthermore, its smooth black and white modern design is also impressive.   Its panel display navigation is surprisingly very easy.

You don’t worry about bending and folding paper, this device has built-in smart interweave technology to overcome this problem. Mutoh 44 Rj-900 also has VSM and VSM mobile support system. Its media width is 43.75 inches, and is with a maximum resolution of 360x360dpi which is the best for a dye Mutoh 44 Rj-900 sublimation printer is with one year of warranty, and in affordable price in the market. Moreover, 30 degrees is the operating temperature of this device.

Its maximum resolution is 360×360 dpi with a maximum media width of 43.75 inches. Mutoh 44 Rj-900 comes with one year of warranty at an affordable price what more do you aspect from a sublimation printer? Its operating temperature is 30 degrees and compatible with different media types such as sublimation films and polyester fabrics.

The important point is that it has five print heads with 4 color sections each containing 360 nozzles. Moreover, it’s made up of durable material and the cost is affordable. Usually, a typical printer uses single paper sheets, but this wide format machine uses paper rolls that are placed on the spool to print any kind of design. Mutoh 44 Rj-900 lacks an LCD features. You must need a computer to control prints due to the absence of the LSD feature.

This may be a deficiency for some users but this is the ideal choice for business prints due to its quality images and fast speed, so you can save much time due to high-speed output. Furthermore, it produces quality images of various sizes quickly. in this way you can get clear, high-quality prints at a fair price.

4. HP STITCH S500 printer

HP STITCH S500 wide-format sublimation printer that is used for dye-sublimation. Its width is 126 inches and is provided with four ink cartridges, ink in cartridges includes yellow, black, magenta, and cyan. HP STITCH S500 prints at the fastest speed of 350 m²/hr. with resolution power of 1200 x 1200 dpi. That’s why it is for soft signage, fashion, interior decoration, and sportswear.

HP STITCH S500 wide-format sublimation printer comes with its built-in software, named HP Ergo soft RIP color edition software, to create excellent images. It has a dimension of 1420 x 2560 x 710   mm with around 300 kg weight. Along with, one year of warranty. The use of HP STITCH S500 in textile printing is the smarter approach.it is more predictable due to its advanced features than ever before.

Its printing operation can be controlled at any time and at any level. Moreover, HP STITCH is the fastest printer. The advance of the machine is Thermal Inkjet print head technology that delivers fast and colorful prints. An additional feature is built in a spectrophotometer, because of this technology, it delivers exact matching color prints.

The overall experience of users with HP S500 is excellent because it provides proactive and automated performance that why we selected it as the best printer for dye sublimation./

5. Canon pro-300 wireless printer

Canon Pro-3000 is a wide-format sublimation printer that gives you a high-quality print output. Canon pro is one of the best printers. It has also a great printing result. It has less cost for made sublimation printers than the other printers. Canon pro is very suitable for the printing of posters. It has a high rate of productivity.

Its ink has also high quality for printing. It gives us the photo and the graphics with the maximum resolution. It also keeps the image theme near to life. Canon 3000 produces the professional qualities of smooth work. How it also allows fast monitoring. It also gives borderless printing on glossy paper or plane paper it also offers colors.

It also allows fast monitoring. It also offers many options. The 3.0 inches color LCD  touch screen. It creates a great expression.

6. HP Design jet T210 24 inch

HP design jet is simply the best wide-format sublimation printer. It is best for the work of the office. It has a low cost of printing. It has also fast printing. It is easier for the sublimation printer. It does the high volume printing in a short time. It also does high-volume printing in a short time due to its high speed.

You can also get the Al/ D 45 seconds. It also outclasses high-resolution make posters in a few minutes. It sends multiple lines in just seconds professionally. It has no need for graphic designs.

The designer offers you to give high designing printing. Download the HP Smart app. It has an automatic sheet order. It also gives single-click printing. It has a wide format.

7. Epson XP-970 wireless printer

Epson-XP 970 is a wide-format sublimation printer. If you want to produce superior photographs you can easily use this printer. It makes printing tasks much easier. You can also take the prints regularly or occasionally. You need also Wi-Fi direct. It has a double-sided printer much easier.

It is the best printer if you want to do superior prints. You can also print the DVD and the CDs by using real media. It gives wireless printing. It has also an affordable option that gives you the extra large print and the photo from social media. It has 9.0 inches touch screen makes the work easy.

It has also double printing sides. has also given the format printers. It is a two-sided duplex printer. It also provides the facility of the copy to scan. It gives the print of the 22 pages in a few minutes. You can also save 5% fewer pages.

8. HP Pro 7740 wide format printer

HP Pro 7740 is a wide-format sublimation printer. it is most suitable for a small office is it also produces the quality of copies can its maximum capability and the connectivity males at special ATMs has also the first speed and also give you the simplest printing/

it delivers prints result to the large format smoothly. Moreover, it has all the exceptional qualities to create excellent printing. Further, it is easier to scan from the smart app. It has also the facility of printing versatility. These are one of the best sublimation printers.

HP Pro 7740 wide-format sublimation printer can scan copy or print, and has also a maximum of 20 pages per minute. this can save time and also money. HP Pro 7740 wide format has also a double printing facility. HP Pro 7740 wide format printer is one of the high-quality printers. It has multiple connectivities. This HP is a printer that is perfect for color printing 20 pages. More friendly printer. Best sublimation printer.




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